Civ V – He Threw a Car at My Head! (105/140)

105. He Threw a Car at My Head!. Have any city ransomed by Barbarians.

For this one I needed to setup the game (advance setup) to have Raging Barbarians. I found 2 cities and just waited to have the barbarians to take one of them, it was just matter of time. I notice though, that you need to kill some of the barbarian units by bombarding in order to let new units to show up.

104. War Canoe Attack. As Askia, conquer a city on another continent

103. Gotta Catch ‘Em All. Beat the game on all standard map types and sizes.

– Finally, after finishing the huge map I got another one!

102. Ruler of the Twelve Colonies. Beat the game on a Huge Map.


List of all my achievements at Steam site


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