Agile: Let’s start a personal project

Yesterday I finally made my friend Rafa Muñoz “El Maru” to help build a project in our free time, to post ideas on his newly acquired title as Scrum master and as way to make us find some time to give back to the community.

The idea is to build a project with 2 resources, just 2 he and me. Rafa will document the project, process and build the framework around the Agile / Scrum methodology while I will be just the “agile” developer .

In his terms for “sprint 0” I will read a classic book from 2004 “User stories applied for agile software development” so I can write the first stories while he set up the site where the project management will be held.

Project will be an iPhone application for a school, to have news, calendar of events and send notifications.

More details soon.


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