Agile: Personal project – install XCode 4.0

In preparation to start the project I commented in previous post (or my own “Sprint Zero”), I bought and installed the latest version of Apple XCode 4.0

I had version 3.2 installed before and was free when you setup a developer account in Apple. But this version 4.0 that just came out March 8th is free if you have paid the annual $99 fee (I have not) or you can buy it for 4.99 in the App store in your Mac, which I did.

Installation is about 6GB, it can keep previous version by moving to /Developers_Old folder, I had not much space in my MacBook Air so I uninstalled Xcode completely and then proceeded to install 4.0.

To uninstall developer tools/Xcode type in the following command in the terminal:

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all

Why did I buy the new version? Well, I did some “hello world” applications last year with the XCode 3 and it was a bit uncomfortable navigating between different tools to get the work done, before you had:

– XCode: code editor, a graphical debugger, and integrated Objective-C, C, and C++ compilers

– Interface Builder: To create your user interface

– Instruments: To view the performance of your application


I’m a .NET developer and I like to have all tools integrated in one environment, so when I read the details of XCode 4.0 I really like it:

– Single window (no more jumping around)

– Interface Builder is built-in

– Assistant (anticipate files to open based on what you are working on)

– Fix-it and Live Issues (like Re-sharper)

– Version Editor included (no more messy installations of subversion 🙂


I just started to play with XCode 4, I will add more reviews in future posts, but I’m sure my 4.99 were well spent.


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