Book of the week: Learn X-Code Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development

Second book of the week:

Learn X-Code Tools for Mac OS X and iPhone Development

by Ian Piper Apress © 2009 (345 pages) Citation


“Examining the complete Apple programming environment for both Mac OS X and iPhone, this book offers a thorough grounding in the principal and supporting tools and technologies that make up the Xcode Developer Tools suite.”

In preparation for sprint 1 of our agile project I looked for books to warm up before coding. I think in Agile they call it a “spike” when you are not sure how much effort (estimation) will take to build a piece of the code… well in this case I’m not sure at all as this will be my first application for iOS, thus I will be doing a lot of “spikes”.

I’m a .NET developer and very comfortable using Visual Studio 2010, going to a different tool was a bit harder than I thought, I’m glad I picked this book because it has a lot of examples step by step, from a novice level like me to a medium level in the last sections of the book.

I was able to do comparisons between  the tool I use every day [VS2010] and the tool I will use in my free time [XCode] => where are the tools, how to debug, version control, unit test, performance metrics and so on.

A good guide for a beginner (like me)


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