2000 apertura della porta santa

2000 apertura della porta santa

Numismatic coin created to commemorate the opening of the Saint Door, Rome 2000


3 thoughts on “2000 apertura della porta santa”

  1. i have a medal or coin and i was wondering what does it mean? and what its worth? it says Porta Santa 2000 with 2 baby angels holding a curtain over a door with a leaf and 2000 in the middle of the door!! then on the other side it says Roma 2000 Anno santo mm S.Pietro citta del vaticano with what looks like a church with people and a leaf going across with 2000!! i had it for 10 years since my grandma gave it 2 me!! was wondering if u could help me out i dont know what i have or if its worth anything!!! i think its bronze or some type of brownish or copper!!

    1. The coin you have like the one I have were mint in a special year for Christianity called Jubilee.

      The concept of the Jubilee is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon (wikipedia). Each of the four papal basilicas in Rome has a Holy door (Porta santa in Italian and porta sancta in Latin). The doors are normally sealed shut from the inside so that they cannot be opened. They are opened during Jubilee years, when pilgrims enter through those doors to gain the plenary indulgence connected with the Jubilee.

      What you have may have a value for collectors but it may take some more years to have a real value. I did a quick search in eBay and found something like you describe and he is asking $9.99 for it.

      I got mine when I went to Rome in 2000, I paid no more than a couple of dollars for it but as I love to collect coins it is a great add my collection.

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