Civilization 5 – new achievements comming

Expansion Gods & Kings is almost here, and new achievements are already listed.

Here some samples:


And some more:

Access Denied
Apocalypse Now
Austrian Succession
Baktun the Future
Capture of Brielle
Celtic Thunder
Colonize This!
Dancer, Actress, Empress, Victor
Defender of the Faith
Double KO
Et tu, Brute
From Russia with Love
Gad Zeus!
Gentlemen’s Agreement
Gimme Your Lunch Money!
Greek Fire
Hannibal’s Crossing
Holier Than Thou
Holy Father
I Missed That Day in History Class
I Sunk Your Imperial Capital!
Intelligence Network
Junta for Red October
Lion of the North
Longest. Name. Ever.
Mehmet the Conqueror
Missionary Man
Modern Major-General
Never take our freedom!
No White Flag Here
Nobody expects…
Pax Romana Aeternum
Quite Accomplished
RAM Usage
Rastafari Messiah
Reconquista Who?
Renaissance Man
Richard the Lionheart
Scourge of Everyone
Silent No More
Sky Admiral
Smooth Talking
Sticky Fingers
The Last Crusade
The Yokes on the Mongols
Turks Shmurks!
We are Family
Whack a Mole

2 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – new achievements comming”

  1. Hey I like you post I have been using them whenever I need help doing an achievement. I am 126 of 227 (56%). Now with the new achievements It is going to take me longer to finish. Thanks and keep up the post.

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