Civ 5. Yoink (155/227)

155. Yoink! As Austria, replace another civ as allies with a City-State and acquire the City-State through diplomatic marriage in the same turn.

To get this one, be sure to have enough gold to make the City state your allie from 1000-1500 plus marriage costs other +350.   So when you have 2000 wait for other civ to get in alliace with a city state and go for it.

1. Gift gold 1000 or more until is your allie

2. Diplomatic marriage


Civilization 5 – new achievements comming

Expansion Gods & Kings is almost here, and new achievements are already listed.

Here some samples:


And some more:

Access Denied
Apocalypse Now
Austrian Succession
Baktun the Future
Capture of Brielle
Celtic Thunder
Colonize This!
Dancer, Actress, Empress, Victor
Defender of the Faith
Double KO
Et tu, Brute
From Russia with Love
Gad Zeus!
Gentlemen’s Agreement
Gimme Your Lunch Money!
Greek Fire
Hannibal’s Crossing
Holier Than Thou
Holy Father
I Missed That Day in History Class
I Sunk Your Imperial Capital!
Intelligence Network
Junta for Red October
Lion of the North
Longest. Name. Ever.
Mehmet the Conqueror
Missionary Man
Modern Major-General
Never take our freedom!
No White Flag Here
Nobody expects…
Pax Romana Aeternum
Quite Accomplished
RAM Usage
Rastafari Messiah
Reconquista Who?
Renaissance Man
Richard the Lionheart
Scourge of Everyone
Silent No More
Sky Admiral
Smooth Talking
Sticky Fingers
The Last Crusade
The Yokes on the Mongols
Turks Shmurks!
We are Family
Whack a Mole

Civ 5. Rest in Gold Pieces, Bolt and Arrow, The Choson One (138-140/176)

138. The Choson One. Win as Korea

139. Rest in Gold Pieces. Gain 1000 gold from expended Great People with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus across any number of playthroughs

140. Bolt and Arrow. Build Statue of Zeus and Temple of Artemis in the same city

Because of the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario pack gives you new advantages, like Mausoleum of Halicarnassus grants you 100 gold each time a great person is used.

In this game I played as Korea as a single city and build a lot of wonders in my capital, including Statue of Zeus, Temple of Artemis and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. I created more than 10 great persons and got more than 1000 gold from the Mausolem.

List of all my achievements at Steam site

Civ 5. Fear the Turtle & Seoul Power (136-137/176)

136. Fear the Turtle. Win the Korean Scenario as Korea
137. Seoul Power. Win before 100 turns as any power

In the Samurai Invasion of Korea I won the scenario as Korea, I won by year 1607 and I used less than 100 turns for sure.

I let Japan to take my coastal cities while I was fortifying Seoul with all units I could get. I put 3 Hwach’a units in the mountains and I think was the key to stop the invasion as this special unit is very powerful against melee units.

I managed to build a couple of cannons after the first wave of Samurais that helped me to recover all my cities very easily.

List of all my achievements at Steam site

Civ 5. Epic Gilgamesh, Thoughtful Telemachus & Wonderwall (133-135/176)

Looks like I’m falling behind, I need a break in my work and play a bit more.

133. Epic Gilgamesh. Win as Gilgamesh
134. Thoughtful Telemachus. Win on Prince
135. Wonderwall. Build 3 wonders in the same city

In the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario pack win as the arab leader, any dificulty. In this case I played Prince. I won by turn 220, built 3 wonders and just waited until the 9th wonder was constructed.

List of all my achievements at Steam site

Civ 5. New Replay option available

Just when I started to think I was mastering the game I found the latest update a good improvement.

A very nice surprise, as part of today’s update, there is now a Replay option at the end of the game, I love that feature from Civ 1.

This is a sample graph from the game I just finished:

I like the bonus you get from finishing all policy trees, my city grow huge and my science was supreme, Mech Inf vs crossbowmen