iPad 2 is coming

A “leak” is telling us iPad 2 will be revealed March 2nd.

It’s already in the budget I will have it, so I will put more details when device will be ordered.

I’m glad it will finally have cameras and the screen will look as crisp as the iPhone 4… Nice!!!


iPad 2 or the new Mac Book Air 2011

Looking to the set of pictures posted at Apple site for the coming new operating system Mac OS X Lion I can speculate (guess) that the new iPad 2 will be a new Mac Book Air with touch screen and a removable keyboard… or even better a wireless keyboard.

Or the new iPad 2 will be in the same case as the existing iPad but that will run the new Mac OS X Lion instead of iOS (a big wow anyway).

In any case, think that Apple is going to make another hit with the new operating system Mac Book Air/iPad 2



From the attached image, if you remove the keyboard and change the name of Mac Book Air for iPad 2 you will have a very close idea of what I mean.

I already added one to my wish list.