Book of the week: User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development

Last week I read 2 books in preparation for the Agile personal project.

User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development

by Mike Cohn
Addison-Wesley Professional © 2004 (304 pages) Citation

“The concept of user stories has its roots as one of the main tenets of Extreme Programming. In simple terms, user stories represent an effective means of gathering requirements from the customer (roughly akin to use cases). This book describes user stories and demonstrates how they can be used to properly plan, manage, and test software development projects. The book highlights both successful and unsuccessful implementations of the concept, and provides sets of questions and exercises that drive home its main points. After absorbing the lessons in this book, readers will be able to introduce user stories in their organizations as an effective means of determining precisely what is required of a software application.”

This book was my homework for last week, Rafael recommended this one as a classic. I got the Kindle version so it’s not the 2004 but a 13th reprint from 2009.

First part I really liked the way author explains how to write user stories being very clear what is not a user story.

Second part can be used by a project manager/scrum master for estimations and planning, while reading this section I was taking a look to the agile project management site Acunote and everything started to make more sense, the story points, priorities, velocity, etc.

Last part is full of tips, I tried to follow the example overlapping it with a project where I’m just an observer, and I think I found more than one case where I noticed we are doing something wrong.

Definitely a 5 stars book, easy to read and good use of samples.