Connect VS2010 to TFS 11 express

Today I had a little issue trying to create a new project from VS2010 to my just recently installed TFS 11 express :

I confirmed in security manager that I had all access possible….

To fix it I installed Team Explorer for Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta  from here

It installed the VS 2011 beta shell, from here Team Explorer works as expected and a new project can be created:

Once the new project was in place all expected task from VS2010 are available, like to create tasks, bugs, define builds, etc.

All expected items are available from the Web site:


Next post,   where are all those fancy graphs?   [maybe express version has only source control]


TFS 11 express available

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 11 Express Beta  [TFS 11 express]

I was reading the other day (2/23) bharry’s WebLog and he mentioned will be announcing the availability of our VS/TFS 11 Beta soon.

I expected to be today (2/29) with the whole thing about Windows 8 consumer review available, but nothing.

So, meanwhile I was downloading my copy of Windows 8 I found that TFS expresss was available.  I’m installing it now


Installing from here

Setup started:


After SQL Server Express was updated to 2012:


And TFS 2011  started


Next posts, connecting to VS2010 and exploring what’s new

Blend Special Interest Group April 2011

I joined BlendSIG group and today was April 2011 meeting , we hear David Kelley from MIX and because of some technical problems he was not able to show his demo about Animation using Blend 4.

Demo is reschedule for 4/20

BlendSIG is the “Blend Special Interest Group”.  This is an online user group devoted entirely to Microsoft Expression Blend. Presentations are given by members of the Blend Team, Blend MVPs, and other related parties.  BlendSIG meets every 2nd Wednesday at 2pm EST.

Book of the week: Illustrated WPF

I try to read one book every week, to keep in target for this goal I will do my “post once a week” challenge based on this and keep the Civilization 5 achievements for my “post once a day” challenge.

This week book review:

Illustrated WPF

by Daniel Solis
Apress © 2009 (530 pages) Citation
“Presenting a concise but thorough, visual presentation of WPF, this book demonstrates new concepts for laying out pages and displaying graphics in a way that makes them easier to understand and retain.”

I enjoyed reading the book, it really has a lot of illustrations, author mention in the book that is for intermediate to advanced level but I think is more beginners-intermediate. First half of the book introduce to foundation concepts of WPF, clear and very visual.

Second half of the book talks about more advanced concepts, like graphics, animation and audio video.

Exercises are simple to follow and to reproduce and there is not a big singe application used through all chapters which is good if you are looking for “recipes” to solve particular problem.

I will keep if for future references.