Chicago Visual Studio ALM User Group

Yesterday 11/01/2011 Gary Pedretti talked about Agile modeling using Visual Studio 2010, he will do another presentation February 9, 2011.

He will cover the basics of UML modeling with VS 2010, covering class, layer, dependency graph, and sequence diagrams.

Check out for more details.


Civ 5 – Conquest of the World by 350 BC (76/140)

Playing as Alexander you can get 2 achievements:

75. The Man Who Would Be King. Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Alexander.

76. Conquest of the World. As Alexander, defeat every known player by 350 BC.

It’s a bit harder than I thought, to get it I setup a game duel size map – Pangaea. Basically I started to look where my opponent was settled, then I created 5 cities as soon as possible, last one was found as close as possible to the other nation’s capital.

Once I got iron I upgraded at least 6 warriors that were fortified in the border, these 6 plus an archer were able to take all 3 cities before 350 and unlock the achievement.

Civ 5 – Vini, Vidi, Vici (74/140)

73. Vini, Vidi, Vici  achievement: Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Caesar

74. All Roads Lead to Rome. Build a road with a Roman Legion.

I did not know Legion unit was able to build roads, not only workers.

With this  now I have 53%.

So far…

Most rare: Macho Picchu. Win the New World Scenario as the Incas.  Only 0.1% all players.

iPad 2 or the new Mac Book Air 2011

Looking to the set of pictures posted at Apple site for the coming new operating system Mac OS X Lion I can speculate (guess) that the new iPad 2 will be a new Mac Book Air with touch screen and a removable keyboard… or even better a wireless keyboard.

Or the new iPad 2 will be in the same case as the existing iPad but that will run the new Mac OS X Lion instead of iOS (a big wow anyway).

In any case, think that Apple is going to make another hit with the new operating system Mac Book Air/iPad 2



From the attached image, if you remove the keyboard and change the name of Mac Book Air for iPad 2 you will have a very close idea of what I mean.

I already added one to my wish list.